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Rapid Response

The ASU advantage

Arizona State University’s applied research arm, ASURE, has the operational capability to rapidly move state-of-the-art approaches from initial concepts to fieldable capabilities. By combining ASURE’s defense-focused expertise and ability to support classified research with ASU’s unsurpassed intellectual resources, we can accelerate innovation in advanced materials and manufacturing, flexible electronics, power systems, wireless communication technologies, UAVs, and autonomous systems and robotics.

Research expertise

Researchers at ASURE work seamlessly with faculty, staff and students across disciplines in basic and applied research. They are supported by strong industry partnerships and collaboration, as well as state-of-the-art research tools and facilities.

Advanced materials and manufacturing, flexible electronics and power systems

ASU takes a transdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to research in materials and power, enabling rapid response to a wide range of customer challenges, including:

  • Fundamental materials research (structure, performance, properties, processing)
  • Additive manufacturing (3-D printing, dissolvable structures)
  • Integrated circuit (design, development and fabrication of thin film transistor arrays)
  • Solar electricity, scalable to market with improved performance
  • Sustainable fuels and products to meet society’s energy challenges

Wireless communications and data analytics

ASU researchers understand the increasing need to access more sophisticated, flexible and efficient protocols and computational engines. Researchers have made major advances in areas to include:

  • Radar, ECM, ECCM, communications, EW, SIGINT and physiological monitoring
  • Information theory and estimation theory
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Distributed computing and geospatial visual analytics