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ASURE believes there is no greater honor than service to our nation and its people. At ASURE, we serve by shepherding cutting-edge research from early-stage development to appropriate applications.

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asure megacities and dense urban areas
Megacities and dense urban areas

The accelerated urbanization of the world's population is the leading phenomenon of our time. There is a pressing need for tools that support decision-makers as they plan for the new urban operating environment.

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asure drone unmanned aerial system
Drones, unmanned aerial systems

Swarms are only the beginning. The support of tactical and strategic objectives through the use of unmanned aerial systems has arrived.

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asure stem
Defense curricula

Increasingly, the mastery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is viewed as a matter of national security. Technological superiority is a requisite capability for any nation obliged to defend its interests.

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asure strategic logistics
Strategic logistics

Strategic logistics is more than just considering life-cycle costs: it is the command and control of all goods and resources on and off the battlefield and requires thoughtful analysis to design and securely deploy.

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asure cyber

Considered the fifth domain, cyber infrastructure has become as essential to our security as water and electrical systems. Cyberspace is an evolving domain with emergent risks. Although the proliferation of technology leads to new risks, it also provides an opportunity for innovation. ASURE applies ASU research in the cybersecurity domain and to expand classified solutions to identify and develop plans to address gaps in analytic capabilities and risk management in support of the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

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Rapid Response
Rapid response

In an age of unprecedented technological growth, the ability to rapidly apply innovative technology gives our customers a competitive advantage. By combining ASURE’s defense-focused expertise and ability to support classified research with ASU’s unsurpassed intellectual resources, we can accelerate innovation in advanced materials and manufacturing, flexible electronics, power systems, wireless communication technologies, unmanned aerial vehicles, and autonomous systems and robotics.

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Energy & Carbon Management
Energy, carbon management and sustainment

Bringing the new carbon economy to fruition offers enormous potential to transform our world for the better, into a society where carbon from the air — rather than oil, gas and coal in the ground — powers the global economy and restores balance to the earth’s carbon cycle.

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Space Systems
Space systems

Just as it was in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy spoke of the imperative to go to the moon, space is a realm for heroes. Today, accomplishing feats that include colonizing Mars requires a radical new model for transforming technologies and people by maximizing the creative potential of both.

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