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sUAS Innovation Challenge Critical Design Review

Purpose: The purpose of the Critical Design Review (CDR) is to assess the detailed design to ensure the design meets specifications defined in the PDR and the proposal and is ready for production and testing.

Goal: The CDR is an opportunity for the Review Committee to provide teams with perspective-based feedback on their system and discuss risk and risk mitigation with the review committee prior to starting production and testing.

Attendance: All teams shall take part in the Critical Design Review though not all team members have to be present. Team members who are taking part in the CDR should be well versed in the project and able to answer review committee questions.

Pre-reviews: Pre-reviews with the ASURE team can be requested prior to February 13, 2018. It is advised not to wait until the last minute to schedule a pre-review.

Briefing Date: February 15, 2018

Briefing Location: Cooley Ballroom “C” at the Student Union, ASU Polytechnic campus, 5999 S. Backus Mall, Mesa, AZ 85212

Presentations Due: CDR Presentations are due via email in PowerPoint or PDF format no later than February 14, 2018. Your presentation will be posted to the display system in the briefing room. Name the file “Your Team’s Name CDR.” Please email your presentations to ASUREBD@asu.edu.

Critical Design Review Presentation Structure:
Presentations should be clear and concise. Teams will only have fifteen minutes to present their materials followed by a ten-minute question-and-answer period. The CDR should provide evidence- based information (either metrics, estimates, testing, or similar methods) to demonstrate that the system meets the performance goals and capabilities outlined in the proposal and PDR.

There is no set format or template for the briefing but the following topics are recommended:

Team Summary

  • Team name
  • Team members and role

System overview, potential topics include (note, team’s key topics should be addressed):

  • Provide a description of how first responders will utilize the system
    • Storage: How the system is carried by the first responder team
    • Employment: The transition from storage mode to flight
    • Search Operations: How the system will be used first responders and the key components or features supporting the intended capability
    • Recovery: System recovery, landing, refuel and either relaunch or storage

Status of the Design, potential topics include (note, team’s key topics should be addressed):

  • Evidence (estimates, testing, metrics or similar) of the performance of key components in support system capabilities
  • Status of design work, what is complete, in progress, and remains
  • Results of any testing or evaluations
  • Status of fabrication and assembly
  • When your team plans on requesting the Safety Inspection and flight testing

Production and Test Plans, potential topics include (note, team’s key topics should be addressed):

  • Updates to key metrics
  • Schedule status and key internal milestones
  • Major problems or risks, and describe how you plan to deal with them

Other topics, other things you want to inform the review committee with respect to your design: Presentation Considerations.

Additional topics should enhance one of the three areas above:

  • Practice the presentation and do not read the power point slides
  • You only have ten minutes, focus on key topics
  • Listen to questions, answer directly and professionally
  • Maintain a professional demeanor
  • Recommended dress is business casual
  • The proposal is the baseline design description document, changes from the proposal should be clearly defined
  • Graphics should have suitable explanations
  • Units of Measure are correct and consistent
  • All graphics and videos should be embedded in presentation
  • Arrive ten minutes early

Scheduling: Teams are responsible for scheduling the specific time for their review. The scheduling portal will be open and active on the January 29, 2018. The following schedule indicates the available briefing time slots. Scheduling is on a first-come, first-select basis.

Schedule your briefing time here

Start Time

End Time

Briefing Slot


































Post Review: During the review you will receive feedback from the Review Committee. ASURE will provide this information to the team leads by February 23, 2018. The feedback will be experienced-based recommendations for teams to evaluate or consider as it relates to their system. Items indicated as “safety” related shall be resolved in coordination with Jon Klane.