Dense Urban Areas Curriculum Workshop

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In what environment will the U.S. military operate?

ASURE recognizes that there is a pressing and evolving need for tools that support planning, decision-making and situational awareness in the urban operating environment. This is why ASURE is working to establish a “Megacities Center of Excellence” to focus ASU’s extraordinary intellectual capital on the study of dense urban areas. As we know, urban areas are forecast to grow in size and population, yielding vastly increased complexity. Dense urbanization impacts a variety of operations across humanitarian, industrial and security concerns, all of which may occur in urban areas that may be significantly aged, have either compromised or underdeveloped infrastructure, or persistent political challenges. The need to understand these factors in an integrated sense and to make decisions that inform all of these sectors creates an opportunity to increase knowledge and awareness of a topic that is cross-disciplinary in nature and must include contextual studies, such as the history of city development, governance systems and approaches, urban geography, and the models and simulations that can guide decision-makers.

This is why ASURE is leading an effort to directly solicit recommendations from its customers as we develop DUA-focused curricula. ASURE is the ideal organization to promote the concept of a curriculum that serves the needs of our defense and security partners. ASU is the nexus of a new approach to urban science that involves its stakeholders and develops an advanced educational model that is flexible, easy to access and relevant to a variety of learners.