what we do

Provide classified and unclassified solutions to meet the evolving mission challenges across the DOD and intelligence communities

Arizona State University Research Enterprise (ASURE) is a not-for-profit organization that performs applied research and development delivering focused innovation and real-world solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the Department of Defense, intelligence community, and federal government agencies.

ASURE-cleared staff have domain expertise in military and federal network integration, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; data and services; operations and information assurance; and command and control.

Our direct affiliation with ASU enables us to pair our technical expertise with the intellectual resources, facilities, and capabilities of the largest single university in the United States to solve our customers’ greatest challenges.

Our unique transdisciplinary process integrates expertise across multiple disciplines and organizes them into solution- and application-focused teams that successfully develop innovative approaches for solving some of the most difficult security and defense problems.

How we work

core competencies

Supply chain management and integrity


  • Integrity and security
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Sustainability
  • Supply networks
  • Reverse supply chain – recovery solutions

Advanced computer science


  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Information assurance and security
  • Distributed computing
  • Cyberphysical and embedded systems
  • Enterprise systems
  • Virtualized and assisted learning

Advanced and behavioral analytics


  • Agent-based cyber defense
  • Cognitive engineering
  • Team cognition
  • Human-automation and unmanned vehicle control
  • Insider threat detection
  • Mixed human-machine decision making
  • Human-oriented robotics

Systems architecture and engineering


  • Cleared systems engineers
  • DoD/IC and FED/COV CONOPS experience
  • Integration and test experience
  • Moving basic research into solutions

Sustainability and water solutions


  • Microbial detoxifying
  • Black and grey water purification
  • Solar-powered biofuel production
  • Biosensors for rapid purity testing
  • Point-of-use water treatment
  • Electrochemical and UV bacteria inactivation
  • Advanced battery and energy storage

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